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CXT 2018



7th-8th July 2018

(55km-27 km)


Classifica CxT 55km

Classifica CxT 27km 

11th August 2018

(Vertical positive/Negative)





It is in the history of the Cervino X Trail to change in order to improve, but 2018 will be the year of great turning-points.

Three days of races.

Four competitions to satisfy all tastes:


Vertical gain and Vertical loss;

a brand new 55 km 3400 D+ moved to the heart of Cervinia with a track partly already tested by you in the last edition and partly modified,

and a stunning 27km 1600 D+ which is the result of the changes made to the sister of the 2017 edition.

Side events for a true celebration of sport.

A major organizational effort, lightened by the trust of HOKA ONE ONE , the new CXT sponsor, with NAMED SPORT and COMPEX 

in cooperation andwith the




It’s your turn now!!


One more reason for sign up


Once again, for the 2018 edition, the  Matterhorn Cervino X-Trail, in its long version, has obtained ITRA certification as a qualifying race for the Ultra trail of Mont Blanc 2019 and 2020 with a score attributed of 3 POINTS according to the new assessment criteria, and of 2 POINTS for the short route of 27 km, always as regards the new criteria.


Prizes by lot.

ASD Cervino Trailers draws nr. 4 Compex for the CXT 2018 athletes The prize draw will take place between the first 100 runners registered to the 27K and to the 55K, nr. 2 Compex for each competition The runners must be up-to-date with the payments and the documents requested The prizes will be uniquely win from the athletes completing the races The athletes will receive the Compex during the the prize draw, same time as the prize giving In case of absence, it will be awarded an other runner; it’s not permitted to give somebody a proxy ASD Cervino Trailers will follow the same procedure for any other prize draw.





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HOKA - Official Partner Matterhorn Cervino X Trail 2018

HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes. Along with maximal cushioning, this provides runners of all types with an energizing, stable ride. HOKA ONE ONE understood from the beginning that natural foot motion was extremely important for uniformity of stride. HOKA ONE ONE incorporated minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design to promote consistent rhythm in the runner's foot strike.

HOKA ONE ONE is a shoe for all runners, from joggers to elite athletes looking to improve their performance. We continue our pace, leading the running revolution. Please join us on our journey and keep running. Follow us on the site https://www.hokaoneone.eu and on e-commerce www.paragonshop.it 


Named - Official partner Matterhorn Cervino X Trail 2018

Named sport is partner of the Matterhorn Cervino X Trail 2016. Founded in 1988, Named, Acronym for Natural Medicine, has become an increasingly important reference in the natural medicine sector due to the high quality of the products and continuous scientific research to support them. For information and to visit the company, click on the link  http://www.namedsport.it 

Compex - Official partner of Matterhorn Cervino x trail 2018
(Click to view video)
(Click to view video)

Compex is a Swiss brand which has developed an unprecedented experience in the sector of re-education, treatment of pain and sports training in over twenty years. Electrostimulation, the guiding technology of Compex, has become the irreplaceable ally of health professionals and demanding sportspeople. Today, it is a widely diffused training technique, used for physical preparation, muscle recovery, injury prevention, re-education or treatment of pain. Supported by clinical studies which have proven their efficacy, Compex stimulators are class II medical devices and comply with European regulation 93/42/EEC. 

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Inverse - Official partner Matterhorn Cervino x trail 2018


The origins of a brand like Inverse cannot be explained without the existence of a passion... Joaquim Sabaté's passion for cycling and sports. He was able to convey that passion to all his family and friends, and the Sabaté family keeps it alive by constantly applying the motto of the founder of the company - "always look forwards", innovating with new products and including the manufacture of custom wear for sports including the triathlon, running, skiing, trail running and bowling. Follow us on the link www.inverseteams.com 


CB - Official partner Matterhorn Cervino X Trail 2018

It was at the end of the 19th century, in the heart of the Jura mountains that Cébé was born. Established by Jean-Louis Crestin-Billet in Morez, the cradle of French glasses making, the brand with its "hardened" temperament was a pioneer in the manufacture of sports glasses. From the very beginning the brand was worn by many climbers on expedition, and in partnership with them Cébé created products specifically adapted to the most extreme weather conditions! For information and to visit the company, follow the link: http://www.cebe.com/en/  


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