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The NBCXT VK NEGATIVE is a new route, introduced in 2016, which we want to re-produce in this year’s 2017 edition;

to guarantee total safety of the athletes, the route of the vertical uphill challenge will not be followed in full.

The starting point will be the shelter of Duca degli Abruzzi; the time of departure will be related to the arrival of the last competitor of the uphill trial. This will allow those who want to run both trials to do so.

From the shelter Duca degli Abruzzi we will follow the official trail of the land registry map, number 13; the trail has no dangerous point; the first part has several regular slopes, which become undemanding and very fast until above the mountain refuge of Alp Eura (2544m a.s.l.).

From the mountain refuge you will descend directly towards the waterfall resuming (in the opposite direction!) the VK route uphill as far as the finish line; the trail becomes very steep, but since it does not follow a straight line, it is possible to run with ease.

After descending the meadow, you will cross the road a first time; we recommend caution because it is a small somewhat wet and swampy area which could make the soles slippery; immediately after you will pass along a rocky outcrop which has become part of trail 13.

From that point on the route becomes undemanding for a few minutes; at the height of the waterfall you will resume the farm road and travel it for 300 m. To the left you will see the directions which will take you back on to the trail; at this point be careful, as the first few meters are steps in the terrain.

You will pass the old Le Crou Dessous mountain pasture (2,270m a.s.l.) and continue in the direction of the Church of the Alpine Troops; the trail is undemanding, it alternates several rocky rugged sections but the terrain is well flattened. On approach to the Church, the route will be almost flat for 200 metres, the road is wide because it is traffic bearing.

After the Church, you will find another deviation to the left which will take you back onto trail 13; it is undemanding but technical. You will be tired, we recommend caution.

Up to the residential centre of Cervinia you will be on a trail; the last 400 metres on asphalt will lead you to the finish line through the pedestrian zone of Cervinia.



  • The departure will be timed every 30’'.
  • The helmet must be worn.